I often get asked why I got into pole dancing in the first place. Quite often followed by “Do you wanna be a stripper??”

I was in my late teens / early twenties in Magalluf (don’t judge me), the bars had closed, couldn’t get into the super club but still wanted to carry on drinking. The only place still lit up was a strip club. I asked the doorman if girls could go in (so naive) and he said “yeah”. I went in happy that I was going to see something a bit ‘risque’and wondering if they made 5 EURO fish bowls. Those were the days.

So, I buy some beers, sit myself down, turn away some older ladies who offered me a lap dance. Yes, older ladies. Who had wobbly bits, cellulite, their own boobs – which struck me because I thought the strippers were going to be the most beautiful looking plastic creatures as made out on the telly. Not the case.

So anyway, the lights changed and a new song came on. Cant remember what so lets just pretend it was “Cherry Pie”.   Outcomes this leggy blonde. No, let me re-phrase that: out POWER-STRUTTS this leggy blonde & makes her way down the catwalk (which had a pole at the end) in a glamorous bikini and high-heeled glass shoes – Woah! It was amazing. Who knew walking could be so good.

Next thing I know she’s on the floor of the stage and doing what seemed like some kind of roly-poly in the splits. Doing bodywaves on the floor, bending this way, that way, with her leg up here…. it looked like gymnastics! Moving in time with the song, making her way down the catwalk – she was dancer. With the occasional stare at someone and moving her hips – she was seductive. She was confident. I can’t remember if she was a plastic creature or not because I was so dumbstruck, I could just tell she was SO strong, and flexible like a barbie doll when she made some spins on the pole, going upside down and all that magical stuff the makes people throw money – she totally owned the stage.

I thought “I want to be like that!”. I want to be gymnasticey, I want to be dancer-like, I want to be sexy, I want to be strong. AND I wanna be f****** confident! The only time I felt confident back then was once I’d had a drink. And I couldn’t do a split, I wasn’t ‘toned’ and I certainly wasn’t sexy. But, most of all – I wanted them shoes!

So that’s why I chose Pole Dancing….. In answer to the original second question. No I’m not trying to be a stripper. I have nothing against strippers, I just don’t think I could do it myself (another subject). However, I wanted to be like a stripper. Still do. Looking sexy as hell, strong and confident. With awesome shoes.