We often associate Sports Massage with athletes and forget the fact that regular people could benefit from a treatment too.

No matter who you are: athlete, gym-go’er or office worker its possible you will suffer from stiff muscles, strains, posture imbalances… and the pain to go with it. These might be caused by playing sport but just as common, everyday activities; lifting heavy things, sitting at a desk for long periods of time or manual labour. In any case ‘sports’ massage helps relieve pain, develops mobility in the joints and by re-aligning the muscles can also improve flexibility.

Our aches and pains tend to build up over time so while a massage is a must when injured – prevention is better than cure. Think of it like a car service – but for your body. We need to start taking better care of ourselves to avoid unnecessary injuries, pain, or time off work etc. Unless of course throwing sickies are your thing and you enjoy not being paid.

You come and get treated, get home-care advice as necessary, and as time goes on you should only be re-visiting for a tune up.

Don’t be put off because you think it must be a painful massage and you will leave covered in bruises. You may get a bruise, some parts may feel more sensitive than others but everything can be adjusted to your needs and preferences and is designed to be beneficial.

On the contrary – if you think you’re too muscly or big for a massage by myself, please, think again.

***** Every new customer to visit myself at Ripped Gym Harlow will receive a £20 Voucher to use against their first treatment, £35 thereafter.