Have you ever wanted to try pole dancing but never had the confidence? Worried about what you will look like? Think you don’t have the strength? …..private pole classes are what you’re looking for.

After starting my own pole dance classes I realised my confidence & strength were improving quickly, & not just in the class. It crossed over into different areas of my life such as work, relationships, friendships & social settings (more in blogs). The benefits weren’t just physical – it was mental fitness too.

In the beginning I would say “I’ll never be able to do that” when I saw a new trick, but then sooner or later, I did it. Pole dance has taught me anything is achievable. Its helped me have a more positive body image & constantly inspires me to keep going.

I trained with Xpert pole fitness, & love working with beginner to intermediate polers helping people to discover themselves too.

Most importantly it’s the most fun & rewarding form of exercise so it never gets boring because there’s always something new to try or work towards.

Private classes are held in your home one-on-one or bring a friend to learn together & spread the cost.

*Please call for packages. Minimum price is £25 ph.

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What’s the point in all the hard work if you can’t have fun with it?