Lisa is very knowledgeable about the muscle systems and provides a great service. As someone who has visited numerous therapists and body workers due to a multitude of sporting injuries and I can honestly say Lisa is among the best. I have a long standing neck injury and Lisa provided a combination of gentle and deep tissue massage which got into the troublesome areas without leaving me feeling bruised afterwards. – Troy

Have had both massage and PT sessions with Lisa. The massage was great, took all the tension out of my shoulders and the effects lasted a long time. The personal training sessions were also really good, with suggestions on foods to cut out/ down on. The thing I particularly liked was that Lisa was able to adapt my workouts to my ability, substituting exercises that needed agility for different ones when they weren’t working for me. – Paul

I’m a repeat client with Lisa, and get a weekly massage to help ease the muscle and joint pains I have that are associated with having M.E/CFS. I really recommend her to anyone wanting to give it a try whether you have health issues or just aches and pains, her health and fitness knowledge makes all the difference in understanding what the muscles need for recovery. I like to be active, despite my limitations, and Lisa helps make that possible. Helen

Lisa is amazing. I was having problems with my training in order to lose weight. She very quickly suggested some adjustments to make along with increasing my water intake. Interval tracing simply didn’t work so she suggested that my main CV should be for 30 plus minutes with a longer warm up. Perfect! I got fitter and started losing weight within a few sessions.

Honest, no nonsense but more than that, she listens. Andrew

After suffering with some pretty bad shoulder and back pain (from playing the drums) I decided I really needed to do something about it.

Lisa worked on my back and shoulders and after only two sessions, I feel like a different person, amazing results and I will continue to book her! The aftercare advice is also great, with lots of ideas for stretching to stop the problems coming back. Stacy

…. loved every second of it, even though I’m feeling the aches. I feel Lisa was analysing what I’m good and not good at and played on my strengths and is building up my weakest areas. I felt completely comfortable with Lisa even when I was red in the face and sweating! Having confidence in my personal trainer is going to help me achieve my goals. Would recommend her to anyone. I feel amazing!! In 6 weeks I’ve lost 26lbs, smashed my fitness test, lost an entire 2 inches on my waist and have changed my life! Exercising isn’t a chore anymore it’s a hobby and I couldn’t be more grateful to Lisa for that. She’s made me feel confident! Lisa is so patient and adaptable (changing moves because of my dodgy hip) but still kicks my a**e in a good way to build me up and get the most from my workouts! Laura W

I’ve never had a massage before but was feeling like one was long overdue after a few weeks of unsociable hours, doing a painting job in London had left me with various aches & pains, mostly in my neck, shoulders & back. It’s the day after the massage now & already I feel great & ready to take on the world again. Makes me wonder why I didn’t get a massage years ago. Thanks Lisa, for a very effective & professional service. Graham

Had my first ‘Swedish Massage’ with Lisa today. It was very professional, relaxing, de-stressing, and I felt the results straight away, all in the comfit of my own home. She also gave me tips on how to stretch if I felt like I have sat wrong at work or slept funny, which was very helpful. Can’t wait for my next massage now. Laura B