Rest assured, you don’t have to be a top athlete or even be sporty to benefit from these therapies. If you’re experiencing an ache, pain, or repeated problem/injury, often caused by the office, home or sporting life, this can benefit you. Each treatment is recommended based on your need.


The process starts with a personal and confidential consultation, so together we can assess your musculoskeletal system, posture, movement.

We then determine the best treatment for you from the following: 

  • Sports massage 

  • Specific stretching and/or mobilisation techniques 

  • Dry cupping

  • Dry needling


  • Kinesiology taping and/or Strapping 

*** Please note *** 

Home visits for customers are temporarily suspended due to Covid-19 for new customers until further notice.

For clinic bookings I will be following all government guidelines with regard to strict cleaning, sanitation, and infection control and wearing PPE to protect myself, my patients and the community so please expect me to ask pre-screening questions before your arrival and your use of a face mask during treatment.

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